Automation of Pneumatic Sheet Metal Bending Machine Mechanical Project

The Automation of Pneumatic Sheet Metal Bending Machine Mechanical Project describes the bending machine which is an essential tool of a machine used to shop sheet metal work. This is generally made for bending of V-die. The bend is created by making use of punch that applies much more force on the die over the work clamped. The bending machine is created in such a manner that this functions automatically. The automation is obtained by making use of electro-pneumatic system.

It possesses large resistance for the corrosion than various other metals and obligated to protect deliberately with the tenacious and thin film of oxide that produce on its surface.

The components needed and chosen to complete automation for bending are compressor, FRL, double acting cylinder, 5/2-way solenoid valve, 2/2-way roller valve, proximity sensor, hose and fittings as needed, PLC kit, punch, and die.

 The machine is modeled to accomplish the work to find out many things. They are to calculate the weight of the work piece, to design methods for clamping cylinder, to find the area of the clamping cylinder, clamping force, piston force, bend allowance, and unloading force of the cylinder, to design methods for bending cylinder and procedure for unloading cylinder, pressure needed to bend the work piece.


The AUTOMATION OF PNEUMATIC SHEET METAL BENDING MACHINE concludes that the Aluminum is the sheet metal which is selected for the purpose of bending machine.  Aluminum is chosen because it is a light metal including density of nearly third part of brass or steel. It is very ductile. The automation is successfully obtained with electro-pneumatic system.


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