BHEL Project Repot of CNC Machines in Various Fabrication Processes

Today, the BHEL is the greatest engineering enterprise in India with amazing performance record with continuous progress since 1971-72. The aim of BHEL is to be the engineering enterprise throughout the world and promised for optimized stakeholder value.

 The company is trying to achieve its aspirations and satisfy the country’s expectations to be the best player in the globe. BHEL business operations help Indian Economy in various sectors such as Power, Industry, Transportation, Transmission, and Defenses etc.

 The BHEL’s largest strength is the committed and extreme skilled employees. The management style includes engendered improvement in the form of quality, productivity, and responsiveness.  The employee tries to improve himself and increase in his career with the help of training, retraining, career planning, and optimistic work culture.

BHEL is the greatest contributor in sugar, fertilizer, cement, paper, oil, gas, and petrochemicals of systems and equipment. The system and equipment contains co-generation plants DG power plants, captive power plants, industrial boilers and auxiliaries, and industrial steam turbines.

 The company is the largest producer of thruster devices with largest size. It furnishes digital control systems for process industries and instrumentation systems for industrial and power plant applications. The company possesses the ability to create simulators for defense, power plants, and many other applications in India. The company has started making high desalination plants to furnish drinking water to people.


The BHEL Project Repot of CNC Machines in Various Fabrication Processes concludes that the BHEL provide a broad ranging systems and goods to apply T and D. Products are build like instrument transformers, power transformers, capacitor tanks, series and stunt reactor, dry type transformers, vacuum and SF circuit breakers, and insulators.

Download BHEL Project Repot of CNC Machines in Various Fabrication Processes

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