Image Steganography Project Report in C#.Net

Moreover, the intruders can even manipulate it as per their requirement or reveal it in front of others. Further in certain in cases it can also be used for launching an attack. Stenography is the only solution to it. This is a most common technique of hiding information in the form of digital images. In comparison to the cryptography technique this method not only make it known to others that information is retained in the hidden form but also restrict other from even making out that any such information exists.

As more and more people are going the cyberspace revolution this technique of steganography is also gaining a lot of importance. This is the way of hiding information in such a manner that it does not enable the intruder to detect the secret message. An array of communication methods that are need to be kept secretively makes up the steganography. This is the system that enables to hide the secret message and also protect it from being discovered.

Information is now kept electronically with the advancement in ICT. Information security is the most important issue nowadays. For securing theĀ information’sĀ apart from using the cryptographic method nowadays steganography is also being used. In the cryptography technique usually the message that is encrypted is embed before passing on with the help of the network connection, in a digital host. This keeps the presence of the message unknown. Not only this system helps in hiding the dats but it has also extended in the protection of copywriting of video, images and audio for media.

Special means of security are required for the growing modern communications. The security of networking is becoming more important as there is an enhancement in the data being exchanged on the internet. Data integrity and confidentiality is required against the protection of unauthorized uses.

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