Seminar Topic on Computerized Paper Evaluation Using Neutral Network

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Computerized Paper Evaluation Using Neutral Network:

This is the system used for the evaluation of examination papers. This project helps the students to enter the questions to the system in the limit situation and answer to that questions are given or calculated at the same time. The answer to the questions is given or judged according to the new grammar methods. Due to this students can start their specification earlier but it also has some demerits too. This is done by connecting the system to the knowledge related to every subject. This exam is mainly based on the objective type but sometimes definitive questions can also be asked.

Now a day’s computers are meant for use of educational purpose. The increment of internet services has given a boost to the knowledge such as distance education, eBooks learning etc… But it also has some dis-advantages too. Distance education has being blocked due to less availability of system judgments.

This proposed system is fully computerized and did not require any manual work like previous system which takes a lot time to execute the answer. This proposed system is based on completely neutral net layers. It specifies all the requirements needed for the proposed system.

The demerits of this system is that students must learn few new methods of the new grammar, the system cannot be a 100% free from errors at last it also has some limitations. Mentality questions cannot be answered by the computer and the last is subjects like Math’s and English cannot be judged from this computers or software’s.

It also has a few merits followed by the demerits that the distance education has no capabilities to the exam system. And if such model is launched the option like distance education will touch the range of the skies. As the way to development of this system is still in process and it will serve a great handy tool for every students.

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