IPL Game Application Java Project


It is a social networking application and fun game application. This application is based on the IPL (Indian premier league). It just like playing cricket match, but we won’t play directly. Here we will get cricket match updates based on the updates we will get the score. As we know different teams are participating in IPL under different franchises. In this IPL Game Application Java Project each user is a franchise and he will select the players from list and he will create his own team. And he can invite his friends to site also.
Then he will create a group

Once IPL matches’ started he will get the score based on the player score, scored on a particular match. If player hits 1 run then user will get 1 point, if payer hit 4 runs he will get bonus points etc.
Finally one user will win among his friends group.

Existing System:

We have different social networking sites but there is no site which provides games playing among the friends. Now days we have different site which are providing game but that those are game who can play alone. Here user playing along with his friends.

Proposed System:

In this Java Project we are overcoming the problems in the existing system. Here user can send the messages and user can play game.

Modules & Functionalities in this Java Project:

1. Admin :

  • Adding players: Here admin will add the player to site. He will add player profile, strength.
  • Adding Team : Create Cricket teams as per IPL.
  • Add Score : Update the live score details of the players to view by team players

2. User :

  • Selecting players: Here user will select the payers from the list.
  • Choose Players: User will select the players from the list of players from each team.
  • Invite Friends : Here user will invite his or her friends to participate in IPL.
  • View Score : User can view the live score updated by the admin.
  • Updating profile: User will update his profile.

Technologies Used:

Language : Java ,Servlets, jsp, Ajax, css
IDE : Eclipse
Server : Tomcat 5.5
Database : Mysql


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