Aeronautical Communication Seminar Report for Final Year Students

Introduction to Aeronautical Communication Seminar Topic:

In the earlier days air travel was considered only for the rich and the mighty, tickets for travelling in an airplane was out of rich for middle class people. Thanks to a boom in the air travel industry now everyone can afford an air travel these days. The number of increase in passenger meant tough competition among service operators with each airline company longing to provide maximum facilities and comfort to a traveler  Earlier communication inside the aircraft were limited only for the cabin crew members but now almost all international flights have advanced communication system for passengers on the move.

Since airplane architecture is compact in nature, wired communication would consume a lot of space and this lead to a demand in wireless communication technology to be implemented in. A detailed analysis was required at first before implementing such wireless technology which will benefit the passengers in a big way.

Mainly three types of wireless features are given to the passengers within the cabin:

  • Bluetooth technology
  • Universal mobile telecommunication system
  • Wireless local area network with IEEE 802.1 b standard

By implementing such wireless technology, the quality of service provided by these aircrafts goes up a notch. A passenger can bring his or her own devices such as laptops, smart phones, tablets etc. and can indulge in communication across the world. This facility would be extremely helpful for business people as they could be constantly on the net world even while travelling.

The architecture of this setup is divided into four segments

  • Space segment where the satellites used for communication are placed
  • Ground segment controls the transmission signals and will have a terrestrial telecom router
  • Aircom provider segment will have service integrator and a VPN which forms the backbone of the IP
  • Cabin segment receives direct signals from satellites and a self-modem will be present to receive it. The service integrator in it ensures the working of the 3 wireless mediums goes on smooth. An IP mobility server will be also present

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