Seminar Topic on Aeronautical Communication for Final Year Students

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Aeronautical Communication:

Airplanes always fascinated all of us, the just sheer thought of travelling by air gave us extreme pleasure. Of late due to a huge increase in competition in the airline sector prices of air travel has become more and more affordable. Some of the facilities we get in an airplane is top class especially the comfort we get while travelling on an international flight.

The one problem with air travel unlike the road, water or rail travel is we cannot engage in communication inside the cabin as the communication signals will hamper with the air traffic control signals. We all will be advised to switch of our communication devices while on flight causing huge discomfort for all of us. So there arose a need for wireless communication system within the cabin that did not affect the air traffic controls

The main wireless technologies used in the cabin areUniversal mobile telecommunication system, Wireless local area network with IEEE 802.1 b standard and Bluetooth technology

With the help of these above 3 technologies the passenger can use their own devices for communications such as telephony and internet. The biggest advantage is that they could perform all of this communication from their own device.

The architecture of this setup is divided into four segments namely space segment which refers to the satellites which processes the signals, ground segment that controls the transmission signals and contains a terrestrial telecom router for communication processing, an aircom provider segment which will have service integrator and a VPN as well as option for QoS support and finally cabin segment which is placed inside the aircraft cabin will have a self-modem which receives signals from satellite. The service integrator will be present inside the cabin and will be attached to an IP mobility server which has options for AAA, VPN, DHCP and QoS. 

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