A Study on Small Business in Cloud Technology with reference to IT Industry


Cloud technology can bring long-distance businesses to large global markets and improve their prospects. Contribute to a more commercially secure business environment; identify and raise awareness of security, regulatory, and legal considerations related to cloud computing adoption; and increase the confidence of small businesses in the use of cloud computing in particular, and the digital economy in general

Objectives of the project:

Project studies address these objectives:

1. Internationalization of small businesses in the era of cloud services.
2. Know the benefits of cloud technology for small businesses
3. Identify criminal, regulatory, and legal risks to small businesses caused by cloud computing.


Based on the discussion of the answers received by the companies surveyed, it can be concluded as follows:

  • It can be concluded that companies are not very aware of the use of cloud computing, but some of them do use local and branded ERP. The concept of cloud computing is new to India and has not received momentum till now
  • Company Cloud servers are in different locations, data privacy and security are considered major threats for both types of manufacturing industries.
  • Legal action on data leaks by host companies and their uninterrupted access is a gray area for cloud steers to address.
  • Manufacturing companies have accepted that cloud applications are cheaper than ERP installed on construction sites and that the quality of service steers the cloud is considered superior. Surprisingly, SSI has interpreted that the implementation of IT-Solutions increases costs.
  • The majority of mid-scale industries voted in favor of Clousteer-IT improving overall business performance and enriching the bottom line, while small-scale industry respondents opposed this revolutionary step.

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