Testing Strategies on Cloud Computing Technology Seminar

Cloud computing is poised to enter the mainstream IT solutions. With this paradigm shift, the strategic importance of creating and maintaining a private information technology infrastructure is diminishing. However cloud computing will have to face few immediate challenges before getting it widely adopted across industries.

The key challenges ahead are in terms of,

  • How to migrate existing applications/products as services on cloud platform?
  • What are the legal, regulatory, and business risks in using external computing power and sharing data outside the company’s private domain?
  • What are the appropriate SLAs for a cloud provider?
  • Is the TCO really low in using cloud computing platforms?
  • Are the system management tools matured enough on cloud platforms?

Facts that encourage wide spread acceptance of Cloud Platforms are,

  • The paradigm shift from software as a product to Software as a Service
  • Virtualization and its huge adaptability benefits
  • Standardization and commoditization of computing and ease of access through the internet

 Although cloud offers cost-effective access to huge computational power, storage capacity, and adaptability to scale. Users will need to understand the characteristics of the cloud platform in much detail and evaluate the provider services carefully. Vendors will need to adapt to cloud platforms and make products and services which are cloud ready and realign their business models to maintain their competitive advantage.

Testing as a service has enormous opportunities on this emerging computing platform. The cloud testing tools are yet to reach maturity and more testing software products, to orchestrate, record, and analyze testing, are expected to further fuel this opportunity.

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