Key features of Cloud computing Technology

These are the below Key features of  Cloud computing Technology:-

1.    Cloud computing technology provides a more flexible and agile infrastructure at a low cost. It is important considering the fact that organizations have to often deal with business re-org, market fluctuations, resource resizing etc.

2.    Companies can significantly reduce their capital expenditure on IT by adapting to the cloud computing model. This can be achieved especially through utility based computing where the computing resources such as hardware, software, network bandwidth and other infrastructure components are rented from a third party service providers. So this way organization will have to only worry about the operational expenses from IT infrastructure standpoint. One other advantage of utility based computing is that IT skills required for maintaining the infrastructure will reduce drastically.

3.    Users can access the systems from anywhere in the world via internet regardless of where the infrastructure is located (third party service provider). All that is needed at the user end is a device that is internet enabled such as a computer, laptop or other handheld devices.

4.    Different companies can share the resources under a single cloud from a third party service provider. The benefit of doing so is as follows:

a.    Setting up a centralized infrastructure in a location where the cost of real estate and electricity is low.   
b.    Huge computing resource pool and a greater network bandwidth will increase peak load capacity.
c.     Using virtualization technology for setting up the cloud infrastructure will allow new host systems to be added or the existing systems to be upgraded with additional computing resources such as processor, memory, storage etc very

d.    easily without shutting down the systems thereby making the infrastructure extremely scalable.
e.    Optimized utilization of the systems that are often used only 5-10%.

5.    Cloud based application are easy to support and maintain as they are not installed on client machines. Any changes that are made to the application is available to the users instantly.

6.    Data is more secured due to centralized location of the infrastructure.

7.    Cloud computing resource usage can be measured and should be metered per client and application on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

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