A Fledgling Technology DNA Computing

Description: The research paper A Fledgling Technology DNA Computing speaks about unlimited potential of DNA Computing. Although in nascent state of application DNA Computing holds a very bright and promising future. Until yesterday the world of computing heavily depended upon the silicon microprocessor which played an instrumental role in securing huge data. Researchers have been in vogue and scientists have been lauding upon the wonders of silicon microprocessor not until when Professor Adleman created this new way of DNA Computing by mixing DNA strands and sequencing the nucleic acids Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine ad Thiamine to find solutions to the Hamilton Pathway Problem.

 The research paper posits that traditional computing allows binary entities that store the data of desired quantity. These binary entities are zeroes and ones where as the DNA Computing depends upon the sequencing of the nucleic acids, the unique sequencing patterns work close to the traditional computing methods, the only difference is that instead of software proteins, enzymes and amino acids come into play. The computer scientists drew a brilliant analogy between a machine and the biological mechanism.

Although there are many advantages, there are some inherent loopholes pertaining to DNA Computing. For example the DNA lab environment working on test tunes could sound very intimidating. The tear drop sized DNA Computer requires manual assistance. Moreover there could be unnecessary chemical reactions that need to be looked into and removed very cautiously. All these hurdles play a negative role in developing a DNA Computer.

Conclusion: DNA Computing sounds very exciting and given examples almost vouch for the whopping success of the nascent technology. The wonderful combinations of DNA could answer many problems in shortest time frame possible. The DNA Computing could once for all bid farewell to the bragging, bombastic super computers. But all these claims definitely seek time to see themselves materializing. Until then all the answers lie cocooned in research.

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