DNA Computer Fastest Computer

Description: The research paper DNA Computer Fastest Computer talks about the upcoming and hottest discovery in the field of Computing- DNA Computing. There has been lot of ostentation pertaining to the unimaginable computing prowess of the silicon microprocessor. There have been claims almost daily to improve the storage capacity of the celebrity chip. The claims however now seem to take a back step with the advent of DNA Computing. Professor Adleman who works at the University of South California was the first to realize and unveil the concept of DNA Computing., The traditional computing uses binary symbols that process and secure the data. The DNA- Deoxyribonucleic Acid- strands that are found in the nuclei of human cells for that matter in  any living cell- drive the activities and all life-processes using the combination mechanism of just four nucleic acids- Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thiamine.

 Lot of parallelism has been drawn between the regular computing and DNA Computing. The DNA computing with its four codes in comparison with the two codes as in the typical binary system are extremely fast- beyond comparison. DNA Computing could not only wipe out the super computer narcissism but will also enhance the speed of computing by leaps and bounds. DNA Computing has already answered the famous Hamilton Pathway problem. Adleman in order to give viable solutions to a salesman who needs to travel a lot has found shortest distance route via DNA Computing.

 A DNA Strand was mixed in a test tube and the nucleotides were allowed to sequence. Each sequence was considered a pathway. The reaction resulted in new combination without recurring and those were considered the new possible routes to the destination. The unnecessary chemical reactions were eliminated. This was declared a breakthrough research and since then the domain predicts an unlimited growth.

 Conclusion: The domain has an amazing scope and potential but still lot has to be achieved.

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