8085 Microprocessor Seminar Report for ECE Students

Introduction to 8085 Microprocessor Seminar Topic:

They are the microprocessor developed by Intel Corporation. 8085 is the 8 bit microprocessor that used +5V DC supply for its working. They are very old processor used around 1975s. it comprises of three parts. Every part has beeb assigned its work. First is arithmetic and logic unit, it performs all the calculations like addition, subtraction, AND operation, OR operations etc. Second is control unit, it sets the instruction timing, it control the timing of input and output operations, means it controls the entire operations of the microprocessor. Third is registers, they are used to store the information for temporary time. 

8085 have various registers sets that have their own functions. There is special register called accumulator. All results are first stored in the accumulator then it can be moved to other registers like B, D, H, E, and L. They are the general purpose registers.

There is flag register that is used to set the sign according to the operation like Zero, carry, auxiliary, Sign and parity. Another register is program counter that maintains the sequence of operations. Last register is stack pointer that is used to store the instruction in the memory.

8085 have 40 pins and all have their own working. 8085 have different buses that are used to carry information and data. Address bus is used to carry the respective address of the data.

They are unidirectional. Address/data bus is used to carry address and data both. They are bidirectional in nature. If the signal is high then it will act as data bus otherwise act as an address bus. Control bus is used for controlling the operation of the microprocessors. They are not completely unidirectional and not completely bi-directional. They work on 10 control lines.

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