Transmeta Crusoe Processors ECE Seminar Idea for Final Year Students

Introduction to Transmeta Crusoe Processors Seminar Topic:

For the mobile devices the new processor was invented for faster processing in latest mobile devices. This microprocessor is invented by the Startup Company of Silicon Valley called Transmeta Corporation. Comparing PC microprocessors they become very heat when they are overloaded and for cooling purpose fans are used. The concept of TC processors is extracted from amoeba. It contains segmentation.

Based on the process how hardware and software must be known this all gained from amoeba. The Crusoe was concept based hybrid microprocessor that has hardware unit and software unit and hardware unit under the hardware components.The Crusoe microprocessor was fabricated using CMOS processwhich uses 128-bit architecture technique.

he chip design was based on the technology VLIW. The processor integrated and available in different versions.The developers have coupled both the x86 instruction set architecture (ISA) from the Processor below lying hardware. VLIW is very long instruction word to ensure design simplicity and to gain high performance. The software which is under the Oscan be simultaneously changed without effecting x86 architecture.

The CPU design needs a Latest version of code morphing technique for the translation of the x 86 instructions for the latest CPU. This Transmeta processor has two patents namely morphing and long run power management.

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