Seminar Report on Multi Core Processors

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Multi Core Processors:

Due to extensive use of digital data there is need of dual core processors to meet the required speeds. Multi core processors are more capable of handling huge databases and offer high performances than the single core processors. . A dual-core CPU has two independent processors and their caches and cache controllers on a single silicon chip. In dual core processors each core has the capability of handling incoming streams which increases the performance efficiency. In this paper we will see how the clock speeds of dual core processers vary from the single core processors and their design and computational capabilities.

Brief on dual core processors:

SMT( simultaneous multi threading) technology is used in the dual core processors so that the software can recognize the multi threading. A dual processor system two separate physical computer processors located on the same circuit board and it is considered as a subset of larger set of symmetrical processor system.

A dual core processor design can provide each physical processor its own die cache or may provide a single die cache which is shared by two processors. The memory performance of the dual core processors can be viewed by the random latency and by the sequential access.


The dual core processors can execute the multitasking operations and the user can do the other work in the background simultaneously. Dual core CPU’S have high performance in terms of cache operations than single core processors..These Cpu’s can deliver a result with high processing speeds and minimal risk of errors. 

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