Transmeta Crusoe Processor Seminar Topic

Transmeta-Crusoe-Processor-SeminarTransmeta Crusoe Processor seminar topic explains about design of new processor for mobile computing systems like laptops, Notepads, Notebooks, details about Crusoe processor, Marketing details, Crusoe architecture, Code Morphing, Technology and Power management.

In existing systems mobile computers are integrated with regular desktop version processor with little modifications which are not specifically designed for this system. Processor manufacturing companies like inter, mercury …etc had not invented new processors for mobile computers. There are many draw backs with existing processors like power consumption, Battery backup and more. In order to overcome these problems new company Tranmeta had developed Crusoe processor which will overcome drawbacks of existing processors. This processor are designed in mobile x86 platforms as that of regular processors but it will consume less power with features like segmentation, ASCII arithmetic, variable-length instructions etc.

Crusoe architecture is designed as a 128-bit hybrid microprocessor with software and hardware part included in it. Hardware unit is surrounded by software layer. Software layer will convert x86 binary code to machine language at run time.

This processor is designed using VLIW technology which works on simple design and provides high performance. Crusoe processor uses code Morphing and Longrun Power Management technologies which are Tranmeta’s patient technologies.

download Transmeta Crusoe Processor Seminar Topic , paper presentation.

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