Technical Seminar on Sensitive Skin

Introduction to Technical Seminar on Sensitive Skin:

it is the area that comprises the large number of sensors or array of sensors that have the capability to process information’s. These sensors cover the entire body of the human and even machines also. It are used in the electronics, and they response to temperature, touch, pressure, chemical or biological changes etc. these electronics devices are used in the robots. This makes the robots more real and user friendly. This makes the robots to understand human tendency and work according to them. They introduce the new parading in the technology.

These types of skins can be used in many fields like defense, medical field and to make new electronics items. These sensors are flexible metal that interconnects the films to create a new electronics product in the market. They have the ability to process the millions of the data. They are mostly used in the motion control.


–         In motion detector systems: In arm dynamics, sensing resolution that allows the speed of motion in relationship.

–         Control theory: they are used in the aircraft for focus of motion and to maintain the center of gravity. These are real time operations.

–         Sensing skin data:this research use the tools of algorithm and graph theory, differential equations and topology. Used in the body of the machine and in dynamics for motions.

–         Sensitive skin in bio engineering: they are used by the people who have lost their sensing capabilities. They wear fiber that is combinations of natural and artificial skins.

–         Man-machine systems: they work when man and machine work together for a task. Like a pilot is trying to keep the helicopter above the ground so that he don’t collide with the trees. He can also left the helicopter to drive it by own like auto pilot.

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