Seminar Report on Search Engine Optimization

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Search Engine Optimization:

In early years like 1980s there are no search engines, we have to remember the user page address and then go to that page. That was difficult but the search engine made this process very easy. The search process was first started around 1990s. Then all the owner of the WebPages is informed to submit their page or URL to the search engines so that they are indexed in the search engine list. They are indexed according to their rank which is decided by the hits of that page.

Google was first introduced in the 1998 by Page and Brin. It attracted the user very fast as it was very simple to operate and gives the efficient search. When we enter the search in the search box Google fires the Spider that looks the database and match the search made by the user and then decide the list of display according to their rank or hits. Most of the user doesn’t navigate after top ten searches.

Webmasters create land pages to promote their ads. They are paid for per click. So they create land pages so that they can place this page instead of home page so every time users click on the page they are paid for that. While page is created for the search engine so every time you don’t need to enter the search engine query.

Top search engine like Google also keep tracking the user checking that they are not span, if they found any span they remove them from their data base or lower their ranking. They also have the capability to track the black hat.

As internet has no limit so this is best for the advertisement companies to post their ads, and those will have great advantage whose ranking is higher in the search engine index.

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