1. By this study we conclude that the minimum Tax saving of and individual is Rs 1000 and the maximum Tax saving is 30000.
  2. An Individual can take an advantage of this funds and schemes to save tax by investing maximum of Rs 1,00,000
  1. If an Individual pays a premium more than Rs 1,00,000 then he or she can’t avail tax benefit of what he or she pays excess of Rs 1,00,

STUDY OF TAX SAVING SCHEMES IN MUTUAL FUNDS MBA Projecta. The conclusion of this STUDY OF TAX SAVING SCHEMES IN MUTUAL FUNDS study is that the lower risk with the higher returns is the important aspect of the mutual funds. As we are studying on the tax saving funds in this the two type of benefits will be enjoyed by the investor i.e., first he will be saving the tax and the money what he is investing in that he should not pay any type of tax.

 b. In the above funds we can see that PruICICI tax plan fund had given 36.97% of return from the inception time, Kotak ELSS fund has given the return of 17.9% in one year, the Principal Tax Saving Fund has given 25.02% of returns from the inception period, Templeton India Tax shield fund had given the returns of 71.48% from the inception period and the Reliance Tax saver (ELSS) fund had given 30.51% of return from the inception.

c. According to the NAV the Principal Tax Saving Plan Fund is well,but the other and the competitor is Franklin Templeton Tax shield fund and ICICI PRUDENTIAL Tax Plan Fund. The fund is in the market for the long time but also the return of the fund are well. So, the investor can invest in the Principal Tax Saving Plan Fund or ICICI PRUDENTIAL Tax Plan Fund both. Here, the Franklin Templeton fund in the market for the long time more than the five years and the performance of the fund is also well.The more funtions are not i.e., the fund is not have more up and downs in the market the fund manager had maintained the fund in a good order and the portfolio is maintained in the well desired way and same with the ICICI PRUDENTIAL Tax Plan Fund also the investor can invest any one of the fund.Reliance Fund’s NAV has come down during this one year.So Investigate properly before investing in Reliance Tax Saver

    1. While investing the main things are that has to be noted that the functions are there are and how the fund is doing from the inception period. In the tax saving scheme the main intention of the investor is to save the tax, and he wants the money to be get some value added to it.

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