Leave Management System a .Net Project With Code

 Leave Management .Net project is for computer science final year students who are interested in developing online application which can be used in a college to reduce work load.

This projects main idea is to develop an online application which will maintain faculty attendance, leaves and notices information.

Leave Management application will reduce paper work and maintains record in more efficient way.



In existing system every college follows manual procedure in which faculty should enter in time and out time in a record book.

At the end of each month Head of department will calculate leaves of every faculty member which is a time taking process and there is chances of losing records.


In proposed system chances of losing data is not possible because data is maintained in the form of database. Every day attendance, leaves and notices information is updated in to database using a user friendly GUI. This will reduce work for Head of departments.

This application is an online application which makes more flexible to access information.

This application is developed in four modules.

Staff Module.

In this module faculty will register their daily attendance information like incoming time and outgoing time and other information like leave approvals and new notifications. Members should log in to their account and update information.

If there are any notifications related to previous day it is displayed in the form of pop up. Members should respond to that notification by sending replay to higher authorities.

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HOD Module

In this module Head of the department will have permissions to look after data of every faculty member of their department. HOD can view data in the form of reports and get it in the form of print out. Reports can be displayed based on day, month.

HOD can approve leave through this application and he can view leaves information of every individual. In this module HOD can easily manage classes schedule for that day.

Principal Module:

Among the entire modules principle module is given more permission. He can view information of every departments faculty information and take action based on the reports.

Principle can view information like faculty member’s leaves, attendance and notifications including Head of departments. He can print reports on daily or monthly basis. In this module Leave approval and resignation are included.

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  1. i have a problem using this project
    the contents of the leace status page are not being displayed
    is dere some problem wid d coding??
    pls help me out wid dis as i really need to work on dis project

  2. can i have the same project in html or php and sql..can u help me with this…i need it now plz..its very very important for me…….i need to do project on dis…..

  3. i dont wanna project on .net since v do not have an exposure to it….languages with which im comfortable r C and JAVA……web technologies include HTML,CSS,PHP,JS,…so plz help me 2 do dis project….

  4. i want project abstract and report in ieee format.. can u please help me by providing those documents in ieee format??

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