Solutions for SCADA System Communication Reliability in Photovoltaic Plants Project Report

Introduction to Solutions for SCADA System Communication Reliability in Photovoltaic Plants Project:

The term SCADA refers to supervisory control and data acquisition. This system was used in power plants for remote accessing, monitoring and control. The abstract provides two mechanisms security access control stagey and redundancy check. The SCADA system is mainly used in the photo voltaic power plants that are solar energy plants in that system there is energy management system (EMS) and in that SCADA was one of the major subsystems.

This abstract provides reliability of SCADA and its implementation methods. The SCADA reliability is affected by two reasons communication and device failure. Wrong or illegal information can disturb the communication system and lead to failure of this power plant in making decisions. A special group called PES has been setup to investigate the system network security information issues. Another factor device failure is also affecting the SCADA system. The two mechanisms were provided to improve device mean time between failures. In the power plants system device redundancy should be implemented to solve failures and increase reliability in SCADA system.

SCADA System structure:

The local scada system unit consists of RTU data acquisition unit and communication unit. The Scada system collects the information about temperature, ir radiance, dc output voltage and current and current relay switch state.

System communication unit selects the best communication unit according to situations. Currently RES power generation system was adopted and for remote monitoring purpose GSM, GPRS, INTERNET are used.

Communication strategy:

For the distributed photo voltaic power plants open network communication system was used. The SCADA systems and connected by monitoring systems then there is a chance of potential attack and can cause damage to the system. For this RTU sends request link to SCADA system and does not do any operation until it gets response message. In order to identify correct RTU device it checks for certificate information and then only it proceeds.

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