Latest CSE Seminar Report on Jolicloud Free Cloud-based Net Book OS

Introduction to Jolicloud Free Cloud-based Net Book OS:

Joli cloud is a cloud based netbook os. This os was launched by Netvibes in 2008. The aim of the company is to build a laptop with environmental-friendly methods and after that he focused on building operating system and both joined to form a notebook with jolicloud. Jolicloud is a simple user interface operating system that other operating systems which are cluttered. The alpha version of this operating system was built by developer’s kernel hackers.  It looks like a skinned version of Ubuntu.And it is fully optimized for notebook for faster processing.

Hardware compatibility, Design:

By the Linux distribution it is tweaked for notebook and personal computers. It is designed for very easy installation and it supports 98% of notebooks of various companies like Acer, dell, hp, MSI, Samsung. The earlier version of this os is built with HTML5 and with compatible applications with one-click easy installation and removal. If the notebook is running windows jolicloud can be downloaded and installed. And it has social user connectivity to connect with accounts and the launcher shows the supported applications in it information can be viewed while running jolicloud.

Application manager:

The application manager has a cool view. This application manager has thousands of applications. They can be installed very easily after installation they can be seen on desktop with their icons. By using the HTML5 it took very less amount of ram for running applications. So it runs even with 512MB ram very efficiently and it takes 2 GB hard disk. Because everything is stored in jolicloud and can be accessed via web.

Web Apps:

Jolicloud offers a hundreds of web apps in store and can be viewed in application manager. For example Gmail app it is very useful app in viewing the emails. And also Google voice, Google maps. Vertical space is saved by hiding unnecessary toolbars in notebook.

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