Solar and Wind Power and Wireless CCTV System Seminar Report

This is the new technology of collecting the heat from Sun then converts them into the wind and then create the electric power or energy from them. This heat is captured and then passed from the series of pipes that created the wind. This wind is then passed from the turbines; they rotate the turbines to create the electric energy. We require a large setup for doing all these process. We require solar collector, air channels and wind turbines.

Solar collector:  we need a large area where we can place the hear absorber like black ceramic gravels. These gravels are spread over the area. They have the capability to absorb the heat of the sun. This makes the gravels heat and the air above the gravel also get warm, this warm creates the wind. That can be passed through turbines. As hot air is lighter than the cold air so it rises above the ground and it will move the place of cold air. This will replace the cool air and they will get warm. We have to place a chimney above the gravels so that the hot air created move in the chimney. It will cause the pressure difference in the air hot air.

Air channels: now they are passes in the system of pipes of various diameters. This pipe creates wind of hot air.  We can control the speed of the wind in the channels.

Wind turbines: this wind is passed from the turbines which rotate and create the electric energy. Wind turbines are connected to many pipes.

This technique better works in summer as compared to winter. In summer days are long and they much hotter than winter. It means more heat more energy. It also depends on the place where we place this setup. It will work much better on the hills as there we will find sun anytime.

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