The electronic signaling came into existence in 1950s which took the place of large connections of mechanical and hydraulic by electric components. In 1972, the first aircraft, fly-by-wire was changed electronically. The project is about digital aircraft FLY BY WIRE.

 Fly-By-Wire system was drafted such that the pilot is able to manage the controls with the help of inputs of the electrical by a computer system. The computer utilizes the data taken from other inputs and hence calculates the changes of the proper control. The command is sent to an actuator, wing or tail by WIRE system that manages the surface of the controls.

 The control systems of the digital system admit computers of aircraft to do in the absence of input. This method of operation can be seen in automatic stability systems. Gyroscopes are connected by sensors which are climbed in an aircraft to detect the manipulation in the motions in the roll, pitch, and yaw axes from level flight to straight flight.

 There are two kinds of FBW introduced into this project. They are analog system and digital system. Hydromechanical or electromechanical flight control systems are taken place by the FBW. The control mechanisms controls signal transducers and creates the commands electronically.


 Hence the Fly-by-wireless-Power-by-wire-Fly-by-optics-Mechanical-Seminar project concludes that the fly-by-wire refers to a configured computer that manages and system interrupted among the final control actuators and the operator and it admits the computers of aircraft to do actions in the absence of input of the pilot. The pilot input is done manually based on the control parameters.

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