Electronics Abstracts

B.tech electronics and electrical final year and third year students can select best electronic project with full project report for free download. Students can find latest electronics abstracts for mini and major projects. Project reports helps students to get over view for implementing project.

ECG Tele Monitoring B.Tech ECE Final Year Project Report

Introduction to ECG Tele Monitoring Project: This paper presents a new revolutionary concept in the field of medical sciences, with the rapid advancement of electronics in medical applications has paved path for the invention of a virtual heath monitoring system rather than conventional manually operated ECG system, here we implemented a new system “ECG telephone monitoring(…)

Wireless Petroleum Tank Monitor Project for ECE Final Year Students with full Report

Introduction to Wireless Petroleum Tank Monitor Project: Nowadays there are various electronic technologies available in the market composed with embedded systems and wireless technology for controlling purposes. The embedded system technology is one of the highest growth areas because these systems are used in each and every market segments now a days like electronics, automation, biomedical,(…)

Wireless Equipment Control Using AT89C51 ECE Main Project Full Report

Introduction to Wireless Equipment Control Using AT89C51 ECE Main Project: This paper had addressed a revolutionary concept In controlling the devices virtually due to rapid advancement in wireless communications and embedded system technology had paved path for new inventions in monitoring and controlling of equipments efficiently, these embedded systems are the special purpose computer systems designed(…)

ECE Mini Project on Voice Guider for Aged People and Patients With Report

Introduction to ECE Mini Project on Voice Guider for Aged People and Patients: Due increased population and number of patients the concerned authorities had no time to look after each and every individual so we presented a new user friendly system which guides the aged people and patients effectively. Due to rapid advancement in embedded system(…)

PWM FED Speed Control of Induction Motor ECE Project for Final Year Students

Introduction to PWM FED Speed Control of Induction Motor ECE Project: The induction motor has finding enormous applications in industries in these days, due to its advantages the utilization of induction motors are increasing day by day, so in order to attain proper functionalities we need to regulate the speed of this induction motor, the(…)

ECE Project for Final Year on Power Management System with full Report

Introduction to  Power Management System ECE Project: In electrical utilization power management plays a crucial role in monitoring the power variations in the electrical appliances and providing proper security under faulty conditions. Due to enormous increase in the energy costs there is an immediate need of proper energy management so In order to provide a unique(…)

Power Factor Improvement (PFI) Plant Main Project for ECE Students with Report

Introduction to Power Factor Improvement (PFI) Plant Main Project: The electricity is generated and transmitted intensively in the form alternating current; the term power factor comes into play in alternating current transmission, in real time transmission most of the electrical loads are inductive in nature so they create low lagging power factor on the source this(…)

Speed Breaker Generator Mini Project for ECE Students

Introduction to Speed Breaker Generator ECE Mini Project: This paper presents a new concept in the field of power generation; the main objective of this paper is to provide a low budget electricity production, with simple methodologies. In order to meet the enormous demand of electrical energy we have to find alternate sources to full fill(…)

NIT Warangal ECE Project Report on 2D Target Tracking Using Kalman Filter

Introduction to 2D Target Tracking Using Kalman Filter ECE Project: For the motion estimation recursive approaches has become a common method. It helps in finding the Kalman filtering techniques both in the respect of frequency and time domain. This approach is based on a block based technology and usually this kind of technology are not widely(…)