C++ Projects

Download All Final Year C++ mini Projects, major Project Reports, Project Abstracts, Project Ideas. Here we provide latest collection of C++ Projects with source code for free download. Projects listed here are part of final year major and mini projects for cse students.

Cyber Cafe Management System C++ Project

Introduction This project is based on the working of Cyber Cafe Management activity which is involved in allotting various types of Management like keep the record of registered User and non registered user, updating the records. And deleting the records and also generate their reports. The cyber cafe current maintains the records manually. All the(…)

Graphics Package Editor C++ Project

Graphics Editor is a software tool that helps the user to create some painting on the screen to do some operation on it. This is a simple and a user friendly graphics editor based on the Windows platform. It consists of the following basic facilities: Geometrical shapes such as straight line, parallel lines, circle, ellipse,(…)

Staff Management System in C++

Project Staff Management System in c++ that prompts the user to choose from a selection of options. The system must be able to store employee id, name, age, address, role and salary preferably in a class or if not in a struct. The menu must ask the user if they wish to insert an employee into(…)

Banking System C++ Project

Introduction: Banking System is developed in C++ to replaced manual System by computerized system. This system allows to create an new account and Allows to deposit and withdrawal amount facilities. It Also maintain Loan Transaction and Paying Loan Installment. It also Provide Advanced searching Facilities. Modules: Open Account User to Create The New Account Of(…)

University Management System CPP Project

Introduction I begin with a brief introduction about this project and the different stages of the design and the development of UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Before detailed discussion, first of all I would like to give an overall idea about this project. In University a large amount of data is processed and the results are used(…)

Video Library Management System in C++

Aim of the project The aim of the video library management system is to deliver a working system that will allow the video parlor user to keep the records of the videos which are in stock and also the ones which have been rented including the issue and return date. Objective of the project In(…)

Gas Agency System C++

INTRODUCTION  The Gas Agencies and the number of gas users are seem to increasing day by day. The transactions like booking gas, releasing gas, keeping records of all customers, etc. when being processed manually take up a lot of time and thus add to the problems of the management, and thus to keep track of(…)

University Management System Project in C++ with Source Code

University Management System Project is developed in c++ programming language. This project contain full project report, documentation with data flow diagram, screen shots..etc. University Management System Project Overview: In University a large amount of data is processed and the results are used in running an organization. The University management system project maintains the list of(…)

C++ Tank Game Code

Tank wars or tank game project in C++ is for students who  want to develop this project for academic project. This game software source code is designed in C++ language. Project Category: C++ Game Project Project Design: Main objective of this project is to design a military type game with two players. Each player will(…)

Academic Search Engine Project

Academic search engine project is a simple web crawler project designed for universities and colleges for finding research papers, previous year woks of various authors. Project Requirement: Qt4-Core` * `Qt4-WebKit` * `Qt4-Gui` * `libXML` * `R-core` * `XML R-package`  Project over View: In order to use these project students should have knowledge on QT and(…)