Android projects

This category consists of android projects list, android projects with source code which can be downloaded by final year students. Here we listed out collection of android projects.

Wake Up Android Application

The main purpose of this Wake Up Android Application is to provide an advanced alarm for the users. It provides features like setting a basic alarm , destination alarm  and reminder alarms. Dismissing the alarms are through many features like voice-control, gestures like shaking, pinching etc,normal swiping and  tapping anywhere on the screen. The default(…)

Android Based Attendance Management System

Primary Domain    : Android Secondary Domain: Networking, messaging Android is a operating system and Linux kernel based platform for mobile devices. The world is contracting with the growth of mobile technology. Android Based attendance management system is a mobile application developed for daily student attendance in schools, colleges and universities. The application is useful both(…)

Online Smart Village Monitoring System

ABSTRACT: The development of a country depends on the village’s development. As part of the smart village concept, we need a system that helps in development of villages in the areas like Primary education, people’s healthcare,Roads and Transportation,Drinking water facilities ,government policies awareness and availability of basic facilities/infrastructure.This system helps the members to collaborate, plan,(…)