Modeling a Grid Based Problem Solving Environment for Mobile Devices Project

Modeling a Grid-Based Problem Solving Environment for mobile devices projects the main idea is to provide a solution for improving performance in mobile devices. 

Grid computing is one of the fatly growing technologies for improving the performance of servers by interconnecting using the wired network for sharing of distributed resources.

Sharing include process speed, power distribution between different connected resources.

By placing all the devices in the grid the performance, frequency and signal strength of each device can be calculated. 

The main system acts as the server and the next system acts as the second server, all the other mobile devices are the subordinate system.

At present grid computing is most important for wireless devices where there is scope of improving performance of the system. 

One of the two major issues in mobile devices are network instability and nature of transmission medium.

download Modeling a grid based problem solving environment for mobile devices reference document. 

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