Online Health Monitoring System

Online Health Monitoring System is a web-based application developed for the employee Health Department.

This Final Year Project is mainly used to monitor health conditions of employees working in Small Scale Industries.

These company areas are open to various weather conditions like a problem with the reactors, chemical plants, fire problems, etc.

So the company needs to ensure the health of each and every employee working in that area. Health monitoring of employees is done through daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly medical checkups.

These finalized reports can be directly entered or can upload as Microsoft excel document. The final reports of these medical checkups are evaluated and appropriate action is taken by the company.

This Project is developed by using ASP.Net using C# as a programming language and SQL Server 2000 as a backend database server.

Technology Used:

ASP.Net using C#, SQL Server 2000

Download GPS AND GSM BASED HUMAN HEALTH MONITORING Final Year Project Documentation.

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