Introduction Micro controller Project Report on Aeronautical Crash Prevention System through RF Communication:

The main objective of this paper is to prevent collision of aircrafts. Here communication is done through RF. RF is preferred due to its features like high Bluetooth range and can detect long distance objects and which are travelling at all sides of the main object. This system consists of microcontroller, LCD, buzzer, transmitter/ receiver, Encoder/Decoder, power supply.

Brief into design and working :

In this system the design involves two sections namely transmitter and receiver section. In the transmitter section, microcontroller generates the parallel data and is encoded, and then the parallel data becomes serial data after encoding and is transmitted through RF transmitter. In receiver section, the receiver receives the transmitted serial data and decodes the serial data into parallel data by using the decoder and is given to microcontroller.

The microcontroller takes the action and status is displayed in the lcd and the buzzer starts initially. Coming to working of this system, each and every aero plane consists of both transmitter and receiver. Every aero plane has an specific IP address. The transmitter keep on transmitting the ip address and if any aero plane is found near by then the receiver receives the ip address of aero plane nearby.

If the receiver receives the information about other aero plane that means it is within the range of hundred meters. Then the status is displayed in the LCD and the buzzer starts .So, when the buzzer starts and status is displayed we can divert the planes without colliding.

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