Wireless Data Transfer Using RF Communication Project Report

Introduction to wireless data transfer:

To meet the present day technology needs, data transfers at higher speeds are to be achieved which is possible by RF communication. Wireless Data Transfer Using RF Communication Project Report elaborates the working model of RF communication techniques for data transfer. In this we find transmitter section and encoder and decoder are used for the processing of original data.

AT89C52 microcontroller is used for monitoring of the components. The programming part is designed using keil software. The transfer from the  pc to controller is done using max 232 cable.

Working process:

The data is transmitted serially from pc to the controller is done using max232 cables. The encoder, encodes the data and is transmitted by using a RF transmitted from  the transmitter circuit. The transmitted data is caught hold at the receiver circuit and is receiver circuit and is decoded by using the decoder and the decode data Can be seen in the LCD.

The circuit works on the +5v RPS. We will use TX433 and RX433, for transmission and reception of the RF signals. The software part is programmed in keil software depending upon the program the microcontroller works.

The AT89C52 micro controller has reusable flash memories which are an added advantage. The operating frequency of transmitter and receiver of RF module is about 433mhz.


Applications and Future-scope:

The technology has growing applications for transfer of data in banks and industries and companies. The use of RF transmission the data transfer rates are low and in the ongoing process we can achieve higher data rates by employing data compression techniques.

Download Wireless Data Transfer Using RF Communication Project Report.

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