Aeronautical Crash Prevention System through RF Communication Project Report

Introduction to Aeronautical Crash Prevention System through RF Communication Project:

Generally if any two vehicles collide on the road, that situation is there then we can avoid that collision because it is in our hand. Then what about flights collision in an air. They don’t what happens in the atmosphere, so chances to flights collision. To avoid this problem in aeronautical sectors we can prevent aeronautical crashes by using RF communication with embedded systems.

Embedded system is used for a specific task with low power supply. It is a combination of both software and hardware. It is mainly used for industrial, aeronautical, automobile, home applications. Now a day wireless communication plays important role in technology, by using this communication we can switch off the lights and entertainment systems to industrial controls through remote monitoring (wireless).

                                    The main aim this project is preventing the aeronautical crashes. Hardware requirements are RF Transmitter (STT-433MHz)/Receiver (STR-433MHz), Microcontroller (AT89C52), Encoder-318, Decoder-318, LCD (16×2 and 20×2), Electromagnetic relays, ULN2803, Buzzer and power supply. Transmitter contains encoder, which takes parallel data from microcontroller as input and gives serial output. Whereas receiver takes serial input and gives parallel output to the microcontroller. Compare to microprocessor microcontroller has three level programmable clocks and low power consumption. This data is processed in receiver and drives the motors in opposite direction. All the status will be displayed in LCD. This unit is placed in flight.

                                   Every aero plane contains both transmitter and receiver; this mechanism will depend on ip address. Transmitter sends the ip address of aero plane to receiver of other. Receiver receives ip address of other aero plane. If any information is there transmitter sends, then the receiver buzzer will glow and produce sound. So there is a chance to crashing aero planes. Then we have to divert the both aero planes to its initial position. So no chance to crash. 

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