Artificial Vision For Blind People Seminar Report

Introduction to Artificial Vision For Blind People Seminar Topic:

The main aim of this paper is curing blindness. Blindness is the one which is more feared by public. As the technology is advancing the researchers are in a effort to illuminate the dark world of blind. The scientists had made commitment for developing artificial vision system which cures blindness upto some extent.

These researchers are inspired from another device cochlear implant which has successfully restored hearing of thousands of people.  Retina plays a important role in human eye. it consists of rods ,cones and ganglion cells. Information received by rods and cones are transferred to brain by ganglion cells. In the absence of these rods and cones, blindness occurs. This concept laid to the developing of artificial vision system by artificial cones and rods.

Brief into design and working

After carrying many experiments, they found that electrical currents can simulate cells. They developed artificial silicon retina which is very tiny at a diameter of 2mm. This is placed in the eye without disturbing any other parts. The artificial silicon retina consists of 3500 microscopic solar cells through which light is converted into electrical pulses.

The solar cells which are present generates the needed power. The main parts of this system are miniature video camera, a signal processor, and the brain implants. Light enters the camera and data is sent to the wireless wallet sized computer. the computer processes and displays it on the LED screen on goggles .The led screen reflects the image to the artificial silicon retina chip. This chip converts  image into signals that brain can understand.

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