Microcontroller based wireless controlled fire fighting robot Project Report

Project Title: Microcontroller based wireless controlled fire fighting robot.

Project Description: With the help of camera we can easily and immediately  Notified regarding any fire accident happened in a specific area so that will take measures to control it. We have used Smoke detector, buzzer and LED to develop this project. Architecture of this electronics fire fighting robot works with power supply connection to micro controller where this controller connected to indicator as we as Water Sprinkler. This application converts the analog signs to binary data with the help of micro controller and passes the information to robot. This project can be useful for embedded system students to submit mini project reports to their respective HOD’s. The main advantage of this system is to provide full security to all shops, homes, corporate offices, business areas, chemical industries, mechanical companies, etc; this application has implemented with very low price and gives us less manual efforts needed. 

Download Microcontroller based wireless controlled fire fighting robot project documentation, paper presentation.

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