In this competitive world automobiles have become an important part of daily transportation, and the computation between different automobile industry’s lead to the high level innovations in automobiles in order to reach the needs of the people. Indian car market growth is considered to be the second fastest growth globally according to an article published in Times Of India.

The automobile industry is the type of business, which includes the process of production of self-powered vehicles like cars, trucks and the agricultural vehicles as well as business vehicles. The automobile industry is considered as one of the top industries in India, which is having higher purchase percentage when compared with the other industries. Conventionally according to business standards most of the customers prefer to use their own vehicles and this interest has led to the rapid increase in the sales of cars, (Global Auto Commercial Vehicles, 2011).

There are other specific reasons for the rapid increase in car sales i.e. pollution; most of the individuals are suffering with pollution-based diseases, because of this they are showing interest in buying cars instead of two wheeler vehicles. Every individual is giving importance to their health and for this specific reason they prefer to use cars which reduce their suffering from pollution based diseases.