Literature Review on Car Buying Strategies in a Recovering Market

According to the views of Matthew Keegan (2005) car is the specific products that needs good marketing strategies to be followed in order to sale them. Automobile industry is the tough competitive industry that requires many competitive marketing decisions in order to market the product.

This article includes significant information on different types of marketing strategies to be followed by the companies such as shop around strategy that can be used to compare the competitor products, leftover models to offer best preferred cars, special dates and offers to attract the customers, funding options to support customers in getting loans and assets to buy the cars.

According to this article, in order to design a marketing strategy initially the companies should understand actual wants and needs of customers. Marketing is the only process that allows the companies to identify the customer requirements. Every company has their own marketing strategies according to the customer preferences but the final goal of marketing strategies is to allow the customers to understand the product and its features.

Future work is required in order to explain detailed information on different car marketing strategies for automobile companies.

This article includes information on car marketing strategies, which is one of the significant aspects in the research process. 

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