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Linear Induction Motor Used For Two Wheeler Application

February 8, 2012 posted in ECE and EEE Project Abstracts, Electrical Projects, Electronics Abstracts by Kasarla shanthan/Ramesh Gavva

Linear Induction Motor Used For Two Wheeler Application is used to devolpe two wheeler using Linear Induction Motor.  In this project initially we will consider how induction motors are used in present automobile systems and  its usage in different fields are explained . And we will cover details of different types of linear motors and there functionality. And each system is analyzed based on its usage.  Finally we will explain how it is useful for our application and implementation procedure.

Main advantages of using liner motors in transportation system is  it has capability to produce direct thrust without any conversion of rotational energy in to translation energy.

These systems are used in high level transport system where braking and speed control are major factors.  This systems mostly used in Railway and automobiles.

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  1. Tarakesh wrote:

    Sir, I’m a final year EEE student, I want to do some live project.. I like this linear induction motor used for two wheeler application project.. So, I like to know more about it.. If it is a live project then I want choose it as my main project. Please provide me the required information.. Thank you

  2. Tarakesh wrote:

    Please help me sir

  3. anil salwatkar wrote:

    hello sir.I need some more information on implementation of induction motor for two wheeler applications

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