Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver Block Diagram

Since from the very beginning of global communication through radio frequency waves to fiber optic communication the entire criteria had taken several modifications, recently by introduction of lasers in communication systems had made revolutionary change in field of spatial communication in fact I will the future for groundbreaking developments going to take place in communication systems. And lasers will sooner the ultimate replacement of radio signals

In this paper we implemented Laser torch-based voice Transmitter and receiver technology for exchanging data between stations, this paper addresses a new means of voice transfer between persons,

Our project ma goal is to provide a better option where large data is to be transferred with in a shorter duration of time along specified distances. Lasers having high functional abilities and ideal choice for less interference transmission had found many applications in recent days. Lasers exhibits high coherence and crystal clarity in terms transferring data. Though it is youngest technology in communication it became the future scope for the scientists in spatial communication advancements.

Our mainly consists of the following elements, condenser microphone, the name itself shows it’s a capacitor or often called electrostatic microphone its function is to receive the sender voice and transmits to the transistor  amplifier BC548, here the signal is coupled with the laser beam and feed to the receiver where the photo transistor receives this signal and converts it into audio signal, this audio signal is again amplified  and modulated by the LM386 basic power amplifier IC, at the final stage and fed to 0.5w/8ohm Speaker.

We use various types of lasers for transmission of audio signals some of them are Gas lasers, Chemical lasers, Excimer lasers, Fiber-hosted lasers, Photonic crystal lasers, Semiconductor lasers, Dye lasers, free electron lasers. Depending Up their requirement different laser is used for different ranges.

Download  Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver Block Diagram .

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