Internet Protocol PPT Presentation

Introduction to Internet Protocol PPT Presentation:

This document contains in detail description about Internet Protocol, its various versions, and the advantages and disadvantages. Internet Protocol is the protocol used for transfer of data across the network. Internet Protocol helps successfully transfer the data packets with the acknowledgement of its status in the network.

Versions of Internet Protocol

                The very first version of internet protocol was RFC 791 established in 1981. Internet Protocol version 4 known as IPv4.  IPv4 is easy to implement, easy to operate, it is robust. This provides more flexibility in sending the data packets over the network. Let us now learn the each protocol in detail.

a.)    IPv4

IPv4 was established in 1970s. The other protocol which is similar to IPv4 was been established in 1981. The need of establishment to the newer versions of protocol was the length of IP address. And the support provided by the existing protocols. The main drawback of IPv4 was the address space provided by it. The address space was enough for the existing user of internet but not the growing population of internet users.

b.)    IPv6

IPv6 was introduces in the year 2004. The main objective of the IPv6 was the 128 – bit address length provided by it.  It also provides the lager header. IPv6 provides the largest number of addresses so that people over the world can use internet to stay connected to the world. The other reason for IPv6 was that the IPv4 address has already being exhausted and the number of people using internet has increased worldwide. There is IP required for devices like mobiles which support internet. So to provide the more IP addresses to the users IPv6 was established. It provides more support in terms of security, quality of service, and mobility. It is also considered as the backbone of the future security.

                Comparison between Ipv4 & Ipv6

a.)    IPv6 more secured in terms of data transfer than IPv4.

b.)    Plug and play without DHCP in IPv6.

c.)     Large number of address provided by IPv6 than IPv4.

d.)    IPv6 has better usage of bandwidth than IPv4.

e.)    IPv6 provides any cast support such as multicast, broadcast.

So we conclude that IPv6 is the best protocol for the users today.

Download  Internet Protocol PPT Presentation.

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