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Introduction to 4G Wireless Systems Presentation:

The paper aims at explaining the 4G wireless system in detail. We all need to stay connected to the internet through devices. The usage of internet affects some of the factors these are the data transfer speed, the access through the area. If you are using the wireless technology then the range of the technology used by the user matters.

 What Is 4g?

                4 G is the fourth generation of wireless technology. The previous generation of 4G is 1 G, 2 G, and 3G. 4G was implemented around year 2010. This is the most intelligent cellular system of this generation.

View of 4 G

                Domain of 4 G extends beyond 2 G and 3 G. 2Mbps is the peak range provided by 4G. beyond 2 G and 3 G. it breaks all the barriers of 3 G.

Some Key Challenges of 4 G

a.)    Coverage

The high frequency provided by 4 G limits the cell size some times.

b.)    Capacity

The interference of air in the radio waves causes the interception in the data.

c.)     Spectrum

        The availability of the location is the key issues being considered for 4 G. the lower carrier frequencies like 5GHz are considered best for the wide – area network and mobility that is for stationary and moving devices using 4 G.

4 G System Research Areas

                4 G system design contains following components adaptive antennas, broadband air interface research, and broadband implementations of 4 G.

Characteristics Of 4 G Air Implementations

a.)    High number of bit rates than that of 3G.

b.)    Low cost per bit than that provided by 3 G and high spectral efficiency.

c.)     Air interface and MAC optimized for IP traffic.

d.)    Cell size smaller than that of 3 G.

e.)    In 4 G data packets are sent in the form packets.

Advantage of 4 G

a.)    More secured than other generations of 4 G.

b.)    Flexible for use.

c.)     Most proven technology for data transfer.

d.)    Most intelligent technology.

Download  4G Wireless Systems PPT Free Download.

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