Future Internet Architecture Seminar PPT Presentation

Introduction to Future Internet Architecture PPT Presentation:

This presentation contains in details discussion on Future Internet Architecture Seminar. We use end to end communication network. Using end to end communication provides a very simple way to transfer the data packets in the network. But this cannot help to overcome or full the upcoming needs and drawbacks. The emerging requirements by the market are the transfer in the end to end communication is not reliable; more applications are in demand by the market and people, differentiation in ISP services, and lower number sophisticated users.

Let us take a look at the new emerging requirements from the users. New requirements listed in today’s communication for control and protection are users use the communication network but they don’t trust it for the data transfer, end user do not trust. There is a issue between end v/s third party rights.

There is also threat caused in multi way communication. There is need of set off principle to interpolate with each other some principles which are built on end to end models. Need of some principles based on new model of centered network function. To make the usability and ease of the network we need some new set of principles, but while designing these principles we need to consider some important factors which are that the set principles should be so designed that it can be correctly implemented at end to end points. When an end to end argument isn’t at right at the first a place, this means that the implementing inside the network to accomplish the requirement.

Different forms of end to end arguments are as follows.

a.)    Modify the node

b.)    Adding functions to the core

c.)     Design issue (Adding mechanism to the core)

d.)    Labels on Information

e.)    Design Of Application (The end to end arguments at a higher level)

f.)     More complex application parties.

This concludes that the enormous use of internet has lead to many issues like trust of user in data transfer. Users ask for more complex application for users.  

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