Implementation of Overhead Reduction

Algorithm for overhead reduction: 

Step1: Route Request packets which are heard in the coverage area by nodes will be transmitted by source. 

Step2: Route Request is re-broadcasted by the neighboring nodes. 

Step3: The Route Reply is sent only towards the primarily received Route Request by the help of destination. 

Step4: In Route Reply, previous node addresses, source address as well as destination addresses are stored. 

Step5: The addresses of only the destination and source are included in the data packet’s header. 

Step6: The node in its cache identifies the addresses of destination and source, whenever the data packet for the purpose of data packet’s re-broadcasting moves towards destination from source by means of intermediate nodes. The packets of data are forwarded if the address is present; otherwise the data packets are discarded. 

Step7: Towards the previous node, acknowledgement will be sent after the data packet is re-broadcasted.

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