Design and Implementation of Online Store Final Year CSE Project Idea

Introduction to Design and Implementation of Online Store Project:

Venture catches exercises performed by special roles in an actual essence connected store. The venture gives certifiable existence grasping of a connected store and actions performed by diverse roles in the store network.

Store –

  • Sells offbeat products.
  • Shows all products on screen plus pictures and cost.


  • Select products from store
  • Pays with smart card

Store Manager-

  • Ensures accessibility of products in store.
  • Monitors bargains of store.


•           Receives request once all things considered, the situation has been affirmed by user. 

A client can solicit to make login with emulating qualified information


Conveyance Address

Message id (its determined to be login)


Smart card # 

Store director will favor the login ask for. On approbation, an endorsement message could be sent to the client’s message id. Message id of the client is a valid user. (TBD – How amount is determined to be allotted if, same part has been chosen by various user). He might as well have the capacity to add/remove/modify amount of products in shopping truck. Depending on if putting request for chose merchandise, plastic money # may as well be validated in opposition to a standard functional process. (TBD – A standard ordered system might as well be made and all plastic money number may as well be validated in opposition to it. After that MasterCard number may as well be conveyed by security crew to client).

At whatever point request is set, a post might as well head over to conveyance. Depending on if whenever amount of an article goes flatter than a specified number, a post may as well be sent to boss. Client may as well have the ability to change request before request is dispatched by conveyance. Supervisor might as well have the ability to see accompanying reports

  •   -Sales structure date 1 to date 2 (Date validation may as well be finished)
  •   -Items with top bargains in qty shape date 1 to date 2
  •   -Items with qty lesser that their specified numbers.

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