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Home Security System Mini Project

Mini Project Title :  “Home Security System Mini Project

Project Description  :  The main aim of this Home Security System project is intended to develop a security system to protect our home and offices from the thieves. This simple circuit rings an alarm when an unauthorized persons or thieves entering into home. This working is developed for final electronics students based on LASER and LDR. Microcontrollers, keil tool, embedded c programming used to design this mini ECE project.

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2 Comments to "Home Security System Mini Project"

  1. kunal wrote:

    i have got project on home security system …plz help me if u have project report , coding of keil simulator or any other coding and hardware model.my email is kunal.parekh006@gmail.com

  2. tsadik wrote:

    i am 5th year electrical and computer engineering student and i want to do a project on house security system using micro-controller would u help me please specially the project report if u have.

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