Cricket Association Website Project

Cricket association website project is implemented in java platform. In cricket playing countries, every state contains there own cricket association website. 

In India, we have websites for Hyderabad cricket association and similarly for every state. In order to provide updated news to cricket fans all over the world, information is updated to the website some of them are

In this project, we will implement similar web portal which contains information about league matches and database of every cricketer with there stats to date.

Upcoming matches and stats on wins and losses. Feedback option is provided for users to improve standards of cricket and fans can even subscribe to latest news that is updated on site and get information to their email.

Here you can download entire project source code with execution procedure.

cricket association website project source code and project abstract.

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  1. Some one plz help
    how can i download .net project on cricket website
    I need this project in .net but on each download i got the project in java
    each time as i click the link it says :Find the below web pages to download .Net Project on Cricket websiteCricket Association Website Project
    & this guides to a java project on cricket
    download cricket association website project source code and project abstract.
    tanx in advance

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