• Mini project: Home Intruder Alert Via Way2SMS Project
  • Programming               : PIC flash
  • Development Tool       : MP lab

Project Description: The main objective of this Home Intruder Alert Via Way2SMS  ECE project is to provide SMS signals for security issues, if any theif or object is entering into the home in between two transceiversthen this electronics application sends sms to our mobiles .to develop this project we used pic microcontroller i.e.16F877A. It is the main component and module of the project.if transceivers receives any information about theifs or objects then automatically microcontroller will send sms to the respect mobile which is located with in the world. First we have to provide our mobile number. This application was developed with PLC flash programming using MP lab.

 Applications of project:

 This Home Intruder Alert Via Way2SMS Project is mainly used in security pupose. Without human beings we will  control the home using using transceivers

1.used in atm security

2.used in homes security.