Project Report On Transformer Overload Alert

This Project Report On Transformer Overload Alert will attempt to design and fabricate over current protection relay using PIC micro controller. The PIC micro controller will cause the circuit breaker to trip when the current from load current reaches the setting value in the PIC micro controller.

But this project, the ON / OFF timings of the various machines working with RTC IC microcontroller to run it. Then the decisions will be taken over with the help of the microcontroller and associated software. The microcontroller block is playing a major role in this project work. The micro controller chip used in this project work is PIC 16F877A and this is like heart of the project work. The PIC 16F877A microcontroller is a 40-pin IC. The entire project was developed in embedded systems. A system is something that keeps its existence and functions as a whole through the interaction of its parts. E.g. Body, Mankind, access control, etc. A system is a part of the world, that to choose one person or a group of people during some time interval and for a specific purpose, to consider in its entirety, consisting of interconnected components, each component of properties marked as relevant to the selected destination.

Project Report On Transformer Overload Alert Conclusion:

The transformer was monitored and controlled by using pic controller. The practical ability for overload protection of transformers exists in most numerical transformer protection relays available today. These functions should be applied, as the functions help reduce the accelerated aging of power transformers during overload conditions at very low cost and at low effort. This project can be enhanced to set the timing through PC using RF wireless communication. Because now a day most of the people doing work with PC and by suing the same PC with combination of RF communication we can do different schedule for each and every appliances and machines in day wise, week wise, month wise and year wise by utilizing the same RTC PCF 8583.

Download Project Report On Transformer Overload Alert.

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