Virtual Medical Home Project Report

Introduction to Virtual Medical Home Project:

This application is done by rational unified process. This RUP unifies the generic process models supports the good design with three view namely dynamic, static and practice model. The RUP also hold four phases like inception, elaboration, construction and transition.

The need of the virtual medical home is to provide the health care to the people mainly in the villages via internet where the hospitals are few or nil. Four elements are included to implement VMH namely patient, internet, webcam, doctors and kiosk manager. To use this service we need markup languages, http/https protocols for communication interface, database and java.

In ancient time there is only net used to store the patient records who used to go to the hospitals directly but in this model we have included webcam software kiosk manager to treat the patient by sitting in their home itself with the help of database 2,RAD, WASCE, rational software model technologies. In this the patients records are maintained as authorized used.

Work Flow: The user, doctor and the kiosk manager need to register their details to get the login ids. These id are sent to administration for reification now the user is provided with kiosk id, password and user id. When the patient feel to see the doctors. Patient need to enter their user name and password to get the appointment from the desired doctor to know whether the doctor is available or not if the doctor is in available the patient request will be sent to the doctor id and he gives the appointment time.

At the appointment time the patient and the doctors interact through the java application and GUI interface. The doctor can also diagnose the patient through webcam by generating the complaint id. This id will be sent to the admin for the record and reification and the admin replies to the user according to the reification of the compliant. The prescription also sent to the patient though id.

Download Virtual Medical Home Project Report software requirement specifications .

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