Embedded Temperature Based Fan Speed Controller using 89C51 Micro controller project explains about developing a standalone application through which user can control speed of fan as per the requirement. Developing this application using micro controller will make a closed loop feedback system more efficient and reliable. In this project we use AT89C51 micro controller which makes the system user-friendly. It is very compact using few components and can be implemented for several applications including air-conditioners, electric heaters and many other electronic home applications.

Control relays are driven using micro controller using ULN driver for controlling speed of the fan. Tagged wire with wound resistor is used in the application.

Hardware used in this application.

  1. Temp Sensor
  2. Crystal
  3. Reset circuit
  4. AT89C51
  5. MCU
  6. ULN Driver
  7. Control Relay
  8. Tagged
  9. Resistor Control
download  Embedded Temperature Based Fan Speed Controller using 89C51 Micro controller  Project .