Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization Project

In the Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization Project, We would like to devise new visual representations and perform further experiments, possibly in combination with classical data mining algorithms. Moreover, since the approach leads itself to the application to other application fields such as e-commerce, in the future, I would like to evaluate its use in these contexts. Finally, I wish to explore more deeply the problem of cheating detection, which we just treat in broad terms here, since we believe that an approach based on logging and visualization can be promising and effective to this aim.

Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization IEEE ProjectSteps to run the Project:

1)Import  project.

2)Run database Script.

3)Run application in myeclipse server.

4)It will automatically shows login page.

5)You have to choose examination.

6)Answering the questions by using options.

7)Click on logout.

Download Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization Java Final Year Project Documentation with Source Code

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  1. I Have a Small problem while connecting database with eclipse.. first problem was data Source name not found error.. after that error has encountered.. i just made a configuration for microsoft access driver .mdb and later i came up with another error instead of first one.. that one is “The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query “LOGIN” ”

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